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H-Town Car Stereo Opened  in 2010. On 6145 Airline Drive  all started as a little  shop. With only  a two car garage. We were only supposed to Install instead of. Sell radios and items.As soon as we opened.We had customers.And continue.Continue that for the.Next three months.As time went by.Or customers requested for us.To get the radios.Back in 2010.We had big stores like Fry's.Best Buy.And other major companies.They had variety of car audio.And we figure that.If we were just to install and send the customers there to get the items, they will provide them with the best warranty.And the best.And news items.That works out in the market.As time went by.We started buying.A radio.And another radio.And so speakers and we started keeping it in stock.By the time 2016 came by.We were getting.All the lines.Of car audio.That they could have been.So we started growing.With discover a new location in 2017.We took one of the biggest steps.Over companies.Biggest decisions.And moved forward.To our new location.Located on 4702 Airline Drive.Houston, TX 77022.It's a 13,000 square facility.They can fit.Over 30 cars inside.It was the old airline collisions.That there were famous further great paint.We reconstructed the building and made it to our color, which is original Gray.With ray.As as we have continued to grow.In 2019There was a big slowdown.Which we know which we all know about.COVID-19Has put.A big mark into our company.And we know it's not the same.We are working very hard to get it back the way it was and even better.We should accomplish this dream.And establishment.Of return.And continue to offer.Great service is great products and great warranties.We think other faithful customers.They have continued to come back to us.We appreciate your business.We understand that our staff might not be the same at all times.But please make us aware of the situation. We can only fix things  we are aware of. 


Our mission at H-Town Car Stereo is to provide the best service to our customers. We strive to provide the best installations and friendly customer service. Our goal is to make sure our customers leave happy with their products. 


We offer a variety of finance company's to choose from such as




*American Financing 

Please click the link on the top of the page to apply.

Don't FORGET we              also offer   
      Auto Glass
    Wheels & Rims
      Car Lining
      Oil Changes
    Custom Boxes


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